Thursday, October 30, 2008

Procrastination Part Deux

I finally picked up a book. Night Secrets.

On another front, 70 Days of Sweat Writing Challenge starts the fourth round starting Nov 10 and ending Jan 26, 2009 with a 60K - 100K word count. I saw it on Alison Kent's blog last year but didn't participate. I haven't decided yet, but why not? I've written 75K during NaNo with 50K in about two weeks. I think I can do it. I'll decide right before Nov 10.

Does it count that I've been outlining several action sequences by asking questions on the NaNo forums? The answer is a resounding hell yeah! I posted Close Protection / Bodyguard Tactic and Weapons for realism. The scenarios I wrote are bare bones of what I had in mind.

Off to read and procrastinate more before going to work.

Have a great day!


CJ Harley said...

Wow!You're going to do NaNo and 70 Days of Sweat? That's awesome.

Cassie said...

I'm leaning toward it. I still have time to decide. :-D

Anthony James Barnett - author said...

I really don't know how you find the time.

Good luck.


Lynn Viehl said...

I rhink it's great that you're considering taking on both NaNo and Alison's 70 Days. :)

I followed your link to the discussion on bodyguards and thought Geoff's observations and advice were excellent. I'll second his opinion on the impact of the round from the Glock sending your FMC off-balance. To add a medical perspective, even the most rigid body armor is going to flex under the impact of a round. If she's hit in the chest on either side of the sternum, it will knock the wind out of her. If the round hits the armor directly above the sternum or collarbones, she may sustain a hairline fracture or greenstick fracture. There will definitely be seriously bruising as well.

The heighth from which she falls may also contribute to potential injuries; a fall from anything over five feet generally results in impact sprains, minor fractures to body parts that are not covered by armor, contusions, lacerations, etc. (figure on some abrasions if she falls into gravel, asphalt or another hard surface; grass tends to be more of a cushion for the skin.)

Cassie said...

I've always carried a small notebook on me when I'm not home. I write when I'm standing in lines especially at the bank, grocery stores and more recently at the midnight sale for XBOX 360's "Gears of War 2."

I use the reading time for writing. I usually go through 2-5 novels a week. Reading withdrawal... man it's getting rough since I stopped reading.

Sleep... yeah, I usually sleep less during NaNo.

Thanks for the great advice. I didn't know the extent of damage. I knew about the bruising, but not the fractures.

This scene is extremely important to the plot. Mac's reaction to Dee's injury adds more strain to their relationship at this pivotal point.

Thanks for stopping by!