Monday, November 10, 2008

Sven says Sweat

Current wordcount: 14,848

Yeah just 155 words behind on the Nano counts. I wrote 2,359 yesterday while channel hopping and watching ST:NG's "A Matter of Time", Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2, The Simpsons, and Family Guy.

I cracked up when Data said, "I assume that handprint will open the door whether you are unconscious or not." Reminded me of Jack Bauer.

When writing, I listen to the Kill Bill Vol. 1 soundtrack. It's probably the one I've played the most on my Ipod.

To all those taking up writing challenges this month, good luck!


CJ Harley said...

Looking good! I feel much better now that I have hit the 15K threshold.

JTHeyman said...

Heh. I guess you're slacking a little bit. This time two years ago, you had nearly twice my wordcount. Then again, last year, I didn't write anything so I guess I can't crow *too* much.

So, where in the vast and confusing timeline of Sub Rosa is this story going to be?

Cassie said...


I know. Man this one is rough. I've been working much more than I have the last three years at this time.

This is the latest in the timeline, but the flashbacks take place 16 years earlier. LOL

Check your NaNomail :-D There's more info there for ya.

Thanks guys for stopping by.