Tuesday, November 3, 2009

National Novel Writing Month 2009

My little plot bunny named Krycek locked my muse in a silo. I'm pretty sure she'll be okay for a while. Well, now I've got a little researching to do because Krycek said to write in a vision quest and a predator-prey ballet of death for the opening scene. Did the research on the ballet which killed my writing time, but now I've got a higher word count.

I've found the perfect music for Travis from Seawolf's "White Water, White Bloom" CD: Spirit Horse and Turn The Dirt Over. I like the lyrical feel. It's like riding a gentle wave with soothing rhythm.

I tend to listen to soundtracks when I write. It's more fun to write an action scene while listening to Wanted, 24, 300 and Burn Notice. For more emotional scenes I'm listening to Madonna's The Power of Goodbye, Enrique Iglesias' Hero, Somebody's Me, Nunca Te Olvidaré and Rob Thomas' Ever The Same.

Writing is slow right now. I've had a long work week. Time to catch up. My wordcount is on the right sidebar. 1,576 words.

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